Customer Service, Event Security, Ushers, Ticket Takers

  • Staff Pro Inc
  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Mar 01, 2019
Full time Customer Service

Job Description

As an employee you would become part of an elite network of service groups that make up the Staff Pro Team. As members of this Team, we share the goal of providing our guests with a constant level of friendly, impressive services that enhance their entertainment experience. We want to impress our guests with our friendliness, attentiveness, responsiveness, actions and performances that exceed guests’ expectations. This includes:

  • Initiating a sincere, friendly and personal greeting to our guests as they arrive at your facility entrance, aisle, concourse area or other location.
  • Appearing upbeat, alert and attentive to your job; not appearing distracted or disinterested. Making full eye contact with your guests so they know you are focusing your full attention on them.
  • Providing our guests with helpful directions and/or suggestions that will enhance their entertainment experience.
  • Offering a sincere “Thank you for coming” or “We appreciate you coming tonight” as you complete your encounter with each guest.
  • Every guest interaction should be accompanied by a smile, whether you speak or not.
  • Always use a natural speaking voice, with natural inflection and a friendly tone.
  • As guests depart, smile, make eye contact and provide appropriate goodbye phrases. Examples: “Good night, thank you for coming” or “Good night, drive safely.”