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  • Bilfinger, Inc.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46201
  • Nov 14, 2022
Full time Business Development

Job Description

ISP Planner/Estimator –

This role is responsible for Planning and Scheduling activities for assigned customer Turnarounds.

ISP Superintendent –

Schedule, coordinate and supervise craft employee activities.  May involve supervising one or more trade groups (Insulation, Scaffold, and Paint) working in particular construction discipline.

Scaffold Builder-

Scaffold builders are responsible assembling and dismantling scaffolding structures that allow workers to access specific portions of a building to perform needed work. Builds, positions, and dismantles wooden structures, such as concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel and sewer supports, and temporary frame shelters, according to sketches, blueprints, or company standards.  Craft who isn’t afraid to climb, walk, and work at high elevations.

Lube Specialist –

Applying lubricants to the moving parts of vehicle engines to prevent premature engine wear and ensure optimal engine performance. Lubricating wheel bearings to prevent excessive tire wear. Performing engine cleanings to prevent rust formation. Replacing cabin, fuel, air, and oil filters as required. Performing tire rotations to ensure even tire wear. Testing tire pressure and adding air as needed. Thoroughly inspecting customers’ vehicles for oil leaks. Making recommendations for additional servicing based on initial vehicle inspections. Notifying the Service Advisor when vehicle maintenance or servicing cannot be completed within scheduled timeframes. Other duties as assigned.

Painter –

Applies coats of paint, varnish, stain, enamel, or lacquer to decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces, trimmings, and fixtures of buildings, and other structures.

Insulator –

Fabricate and install - pipe and duct insulation i.e. fiberglass, elastomeric, polyisocyanurate.  Operates equipment such as lifts, beader crimper, brakes, shears, and hand tools.  Inventory and order material as needed.  Works under the supervision of the Insulation Foreman and Journeyman.

Metal Man / Insulator –

Applies insulation material to pipes or ductwork or other mechanical systems to help control and maintain temperatures.

HVAC Electrician –

This position is within the Care Solutions segment and has responsibility at the site maintenance department which is a multi-user site mainly focused on the practice of alkoxylation and quaternization based process technologies. This position is responsible for process instrumentation and electrical troubleshooting and calibration support to the site.  This position will primarily be involved with the maintenance and engineering teams at the site and will provide instrumentation calibration (flow, pH, conductivity, temperature, pressure, level, switches, etc.) and general troubleshooting of electrical and instrumentation of the site such as circuit breakers, motor control circuits, and power feed systems.



Electrician –

Safety is a priority; employee must understand construction risks and bring them to the attention of their supervisor. Proper selection, inspection, use and maintenance, of common electrical test equipment. Ability to read electrical blueprints, including schematics, including one-lines and wiring diagrams. Understands the purpose, use, and application of all circuit breakers, fuses, contractors, and relays. Able to calculate and install potential transformers, current transformers, constant current transformers, and shielded transformers. Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.


Mechanic –

Primary duties of a diesel mechanic include performing diagnostic tests on diesel vehicles to find faults, analyzing diagnostic test results and repairing or replacing engine, steering, transmission, braking or lighting system components.

Millwright –

This position provides necessary technical and hands-on support to continuously improve and maintain protection of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate and/or transport our products as our highest priority. Maximize the Reliability & Availability of plant equipment, Carries out routine maintenance on rotating equipment, visual checks of seals for leaks, disassembles equipment, replaces parts as directed, cleans equipment, replaces packing and gaskets, various repairs as appropriate, checks bearings and reassembles. Ensures correct alignment and tolerances, using precision measurement instruments. Carries out routine preventive maintenance of machinery according to schedules, check lists and specific equipment requirements. This includes changing oils, greasing, cleaning strainers and filters and general overhaul of equipment. Repairs and or replaces defective parts, reassembles overhauled equipment and carries out necessary tests and performance monitoring upon start-up.

Scaffold Helper –

Must be able to climb and maintain balance on ladders and scaffolding at various heights. Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl.  Must be able to use arms and hands to signal, grab, hold, turn, push, pull: objects, materials, controls, and tools. Must be able to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds often and occasionally up to 75 pounds.  Must be able to follow both verbal and written instruction.  Must have the ability to take direction, comprehend instructions and work well with others.  Must have own set of tools.

Pipefitter Helper –

Duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.

Sheet Metal Man –

Utilize and interpret blueprints to determine how and where to fabricate, assemble and install sheet metal products.  Measure, mark dimensions and lay out material to be installed using tools such as scribes, rulers, calculators and squares.  Fasten joints and seams in sheet metal with solder, welds, caulk, bolts and metal driver clips, ensuring work is done carefully and bonds will last.  Install assemblies, including pipes, HVAC ducts, flashings, rain gutters and furnace casings in supportive frameworks. Ensure that efficiency is maximized while fabricating and installing HVAC systems.  Use hand and power tools to trim, buff, smooth, file and grind metal surfaces and joints of parts that have been assembled to ensure safety and a seamless appearance.  Select the appropriate type and gauge of sheet metal to be used in projects according to specifications.  Ensure safety is a priority on the job during all activities, including using tools and installing and fabricating metal.

Welder –

This position will permanently join metal parts, such as pipe or metal plates as specified by layout, blueprints, work orders, welding procedures or oral instructions through the application of heat or electric arc-welding equipment.  This is accomplished by performing the following essential duties and responsibilities.

Intsrument Tech –

Must be familiar in instrumentation trouble-shooting and repair techniques. Should be able to install tubing and assist the instrument technician in normal duties. Knowledge of interpreting schematics, wiring diagrams, ladder logic, flow diagrams, P&ID’s and construction blueprints is required. Will be working with low voltage-115/240 volts. Must be qualified to operate a man-lift, scissor lift, forklift and respirator fitted. Must be able to work in high places (not afraid of heights) and work in confined spaces. Must be physically fit and should have the aptitude to advance to a senior instrumentation technician. Ensures that refinery safety procedures are followed.

Carpenter –

Constructs, erects, installs, and repairs structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and wallboard, using carpenter's hand tools and power tools, and conforming to local building codes.

Pipefitter Foreman –

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating, assembling, installing, and maintaining piping, fixtures, and equipment for gas, steam, hot water, fire sprinkler system, or oil heating, cooling, lubricating, and industrial processing systems.

Sheet Metal Foreman –

Supervise and coordinate activities of craft personnel engaged in the fabrication, installation, and repair of sheet metal products, systems, and structures. Must have knowledge of the physical properties and working characteristics of sheet metal, tools and equipment required in the sheet metal trade, and shop mathematics and principles.

Foreman –

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in construction, installation, and repair of wooden structures and fixtures.

Pipefitter Journeyman –

Lay out, fabricates, assembles, installs, and maintains piping and piping systems, fixtures, and equipment for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial processing systems, on basis of knowledge of system operation and study of building plans or working drawings.

Welder Foreman –

Safety is a priority, employee must understand construction risks and bring them to the attention of their supervisor. Selects equipment and plans layout, assembly, and welding, applying knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining weld shrinkage, and welding techniques. Welds components in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions. Bolts, clamps, and tack welds parts to secure in position for welding. Sets up equipment and welds parts using arc, gas shielding arc, automatic wire feed, or gas welding equipment. May repair products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts using cutting torch and hand tools. Operates cutting equipment including torches and various power and hand tools. Determines required equipment and welding method, applying knowledge of metallurgy, geometry, and welding techniques. Removes slag and rough spots with a portable grinder, file, or scraper. Welds pipe and pipe assembly components of all kinds, sizes, and alloys, such as carbon steel and stainless steel using GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick Rod) welding procedures. Inspects and maintains gas equipment, including changing gauges, repairing hoses, etc. Disconnects, removes, replaces, and connects oxygen and acetylene bottles. Works with different types and sizes of materials. Must be able to TIG and stick weld on stainless and/or carbon (pipe size and material welded varies per site). Test and inspect welded surfaces and structure to discover flaws. Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements. Read blueprints and drawings and take or read measurements to plan layout and procedures. Load, transport, and unload tools, equipment, and supplies. Assist in lifting, positioning, and securing of material and work pieces during assembly. Perform minor maintenance of cleaning activities of tools and equipment. Observe and comply with all safety and project rules. Perform other duties as requested.