Automotive Repair Technician

  • Paradise Valley, AZ, USA
  • Dec 08, 2022
Full time Automotive Installation-Maint-Repair Technician

Job Description

  • Performs work that is indicated on Approved Repair
  • Performs only needed and or customer requested services on
  • Performs all repairs according to MAP (Motorist Assurance Program), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or accepted industrystandard procedures
  • Assures all repairs are for the benefit of the member/customer.
  • Test drives all vehicles when practical for any/all performance or drivability concerns before performing work
    • Exception: when unsafe or vehicle not drivable
    • Retest drives after repairs completed to verify that repair solved defined problems
  • Maintains clean and safe work environment; cleans spills and debris immediately to reduce hazards
  • Maintain company provided equipment and machinery
  • Follows company and industry safety rules and regulations
  • Reports all unsafe conditions to supervisor including but not limited to lifts, overhead doors, and equipment
  • Attends all required training, seeks additional training to maintain and increase effectiveness
  • Keeps up to date on industry trends and repair
  • Attends and successfully completes at least 24 hours of continuing auto repair training per year sponsored and/or provided by the club.
  • Maintains customer vehicles in regard to cleanliness and does not tune or otherwise adjust any controls within the
  • Verifies as soon as practicable that parts ordered for the vehicle assigned to them are
  • Performs digital inspection and documents to their full Notates all pertinent information into the shop inspection or management system, attaches all photos or videos to illustrate repairs or needs to the inspection.
  • Assures all comeback related repairs are prioritized as directed by manager or
  • Communicates effectively as necessary with manager, service advisors and other technicians to contribute to the overallperformance of the location
  • Responsible for the safety and accuracy of all repairs made and or systems inspected to assure vehicle is as safe or more safecondition as was prior to work commencing
  • Performs otherrelateddutiesas
  • Note: May require travel to different locations on an as needed basis





  • Effective verbal and written communication skills in the language(s) required for the role, as justified for business necessity
  • Effective organization, interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work scheduled hours as necessitated by business need
  • Math and computer skills with experience using software applications including word processing, browsers, and email
  • Member service focus


  • Ability to drive vehicles equipped with manual transmission
  • Knowledge of equipment/tool operation and diagnostic/repair procedures
  • Maintains 100% productivity as measured by dividing hours worked by labor hours flagged



Education, Experience / Licenses & Certifications


  • Valid driver license and acceptable driving record
  • Four years experience as an automotive repair technician (preferred)
  • Smog Repair and Testing Certification preferred (CA only)



Work Environment/Physical Requirements


  • Ability to lift and or carry up to 50lbs
  • Standing, bending, kneeling, pushing, reaching, lifting, climbing ladders
  • Exposure to loud noises