Supportive Service Assistant (Part Time)

  • School District of Philadelphia
  • Jan 26, 2023
Full time Installation-Maint-Repair

Job Description

Assists teaching and non-teaching staff in schools within the Title I program. Participates in a cooperative effort to support basic skills achievement of students who are economically or educationally disadvantage. Provides instructional assistance in the classrooms in major subject areas which include reading and mathematics and/or facilitative services to non-instructional staff in support of the program's overall objectives. Assists teachers in the preparation of and during instructional activities, and addresses the tutorial needs of students as identified. Assists staff in the development of parent workshops.


Essential Functions


For the General Specialty


Circulates through the classroom to assist students in the completion of assigned tasks; tutors individuals or small groups to aid students in a specific area of academic weakness; answers students' question; attempts to reinforce previous instruction from the teacher.

Assists teachers in the preparation of classroom exhibits and bulletin boards; distributes materials to students; may assist in the correction of worksheets and test papers.

Staffs designated area for students involuntarily removed from classrooms; confers with students to ascertain the source of his/her problem; assists students in problem solving and attempts to enhance interpersonal skills; provides guidance and encouragement to students achieve positive behavioral and attitudinal changes; circulates through the school/facility as required by work assignment.

Contacts parents or guardians as instructed to provide information on students' progress or lack thereof; mails attendance and behavior cards to parents or guardians.

Monitors student behavior in various non-classroom settings.

Collects and records attendance and grade information; may enter or extract data from a computer terminal; performs additional clerical and other facilitative tasks as needed.


For the Attendance Specialty


Maintains attendance records and reports; monitors pupil attendance; obtains information regarding truancy or other attendance irregularities; follows-up and investigates cases of students having aberrant attendance patterns and/or lengthy absences due to illness or suspected parental neglect; communicates with regional attendance officer concerning outstanding pupil attendance problems.

Interviews parents/guardians, inquiring about ways to improve individual pupil attendance; contacts parents/guardians regarding students with frequent tardiness or prolonged absences; accompanies attendance personnel on home visits of children continuously absent.

Works in conjunction with student support personnel to design, coordinate and implement incentive programs to combat tardiness and absenteeism; assists staff in the development of workshops for parents to provide support to students in their efforts to improve attendance.

Mails attendance cards to parents or guardians; performs additional clerical and facilitative tasks as needed 

Minimum Requirements

All SSA's must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be "Highly qualified"


To be Highly Qualified you must possess ONE of the following: 

  • An Associate Degree from an accredited College or University
  • At least 60 College Credits or
  • Pass the School District of Philadelphia's "Highly Qualified" Exam 

  Pay Rate : $15.49 hourly